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Silver Cedar Studio Custom Fur Design

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I have been trapping with my father ever since I could carry a trap. The love of animals and the understanding of the balance of nature were taught to me by spending time on the line and at home with him.

Without this blessing I would not be who I am today.

"This is where my roots begin, this is where Silver Cedar Studio begins."

– Katie Ball

Later on in life I branched out from the outdoors as teens often do. Nature was still there for me and always has been. But I wanted to see what else life had to offer. I took up modeling and have been active with it for over 10 years between Canada and the US. I have had the opportunity to work with all types of underground fashion designers and artists. However I had yearned to take my experience and creative passions and find a medium that would allow me to express myself and my love for the outdoors.

Thanks to Becky Monk, The Wild Fur Shippers Council course and countless hours spent with my Dad I have finally found a way to combine my 2 greatest passions into a creative and sustainable endeavor.